Jesse Mills

Executive Managing Partner
Marketing and UX


  • Project manager, information architect, web content specialist
  • Fifteen+ years of marketing through digital media specializing in web delivery
  • Three years as a marketing director
  • Nine years as an advertising agency multimedia manager
  • Diverse client base across many industries


Jesse began his career as the director of marketing for the Texas A&M alumni organization which raised 5.5 million dollars annually. There he marketed university and alumni services and the intangible emotional experiences associated with them. He also planned and launched the largest media campaign the organization had ever undertaken. It utilized direct mail, direct email, web ads, radio ads, telemarketing, video, and multimedia CDs.

From there, Jesse transitioned to the Energy Industry as the Marketing Communications manager for Syntron, a seismic exploration equipment manufacturer. He built the marketing communications department from the ground up and he eventually joined Andell Advertising and Design, a full service ad agency in Houston. For 9 years he managed marketing, branding, and multimedia campaigns for various organizations from global multi-nationals to medium-sized companies and venture start ups.

Some of his accomplishments at Andell include serving for 7 years as branding campaign manager for Baker Atlas, the third largest division of Fortune 100 Baker Hughes. Jesse also managed many projects for 14 billion dollar global oilfield services company, Schlumberger. One project in particular was devising a web-based collaboration process to allow Schlumberger’s employees worldwide to complete a proposal worth .75 billion dollars all within 30 days.

Jesse’s work and additional education has focused on digital media delivery, particularly websites and video. Jesse brings over 15 years experience and will serve as the project manager for online marketing communications spanning websites to video to email campaigns to social media.

In his free time Jesse enjoys restoring his great Grandad's farm truck and riding motorcycles as well as outdoor activities including hiking, camping, and paddling.