Doug Humphreys

Managing Partner
Art Direction, Illustration, Project Management


  • Over 25 years of experience
  • Experience includes in-house marketing groups and agency
  • Excels in design, illustration, photo retouching, print production, and web design


Doug has over 25 years experience in illustration, design, and production. He began working at Pennzoil and eventually found his way to Andell Advertising and Design in Houston where he worked for the 13 years as their production manager and senior designer/illustrator.

With almost three decades of industry experience, Doug has a powerful combination of skills that are key to the production of creative, effective graphics communication. His extensive capabilities in production management complement his talents in design, technical illustration, and photo imaging/retouching. He has designed anything from brochures to annual reports, product packaging to web sites.

When Doug is away from work, he is kept very busy with his family, particular his two new daughters, one three and the other who just arrived. He also volunteers his time at his church helping anyway that is needed. Doug’s favorite hobby is cooking, smoking meat to be more precise. Any weekend that he can make time, you can find him next to his smoker kicking out some great BBQ.

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