Chelle Honiker

CRM / Automation / Social Media Strategist


  • Project Manager
  • Social Media Marketing Strategist
  • CRM Architect
  • Instructional Designer & Training Specialist


Chelle started in the retail travel industry in the late '80s as a travel agent. She quickly found her calling, though, in technology and training, loving the new-fangled invention of the internet that would revolutionize how travel is bought and sold. Still in her 20's, she founded a boutique consultancy in 1999 dedicated to helping travel consultants build websites to connect with their clients. She became a sought-after speaker and trainer around the globe, at conferences on land and at sea on cruise ships.

As her client base grew, so did her experience and understanding of marketing and its impact via social media. Based on her own clients' data and her boots-on-the-ground experience in guiding them, she wrote two books on how to close leads and how to specialize in a niche market. Her work gained the attention of the prestigious Travel Institute, the non-profit gold standard in the travel industry for training and certification. She was asked to be their keynote speaker at their 2010 World Conference. After working with the team, she was then asked to come aboard as their Director of Marketing and Technology in 2011, becoming their Director of Operations in 2013.

While at the Travel Institute, Chelle created the prestigious Professional Educators Program, a network of business executives, authors, speakers, and thought-leaders from all industry verticals. She worked with companies like Belmond (formerly Orient Express) and AAA to craft their e-learning programs, working with Learning Management Systems as an architect and instructional designer.  Along the way Chelle earned certifications in social media and project management.

Her broad skill set in technology, learning & development, marketing, and entrepreneurship were called upon for her next project. As the executive director of the Freelance Association she helped founders and entrepreneurs start, grow and run their own businesses. Now Chelle brings all of this experience to Communication Evolved.

In her spare time she travels with her two adult daughters, writes and publishes fiction, and is a TEDx curator and organizer in Austin, Texas.