• Moore Control Systems Pocket Folder

    MCS needed a pocket folder to hold sales material for a cleaner, more organized presentation. This simple, effective, and striking pocket folder made use of photographs of their finished products with a screened background image of engineering drawings.
  • Eustis Pocket Brochure and Fliers

    When Eustis needed a system their sales force could use to highlight their various services, we developed a pocket brochure with the main message on its inside front cover with the sub-sections printed on fliers that could be mixed and matched.
  • Weatherford Pipeline Brochure

    Weatherford needed to communicate to the marketplace everything that they put into setting up and installing pipelines. In order to set them apart from their competition, they illustrated the testing, safety features, and process of developing their pipeline system.
  • FMC Expertise in Africa Brochure

    This brochure outlined the services FMC offered in Africa as well as the locations where they had already shown their expertise. It was also paired with a direct mail piece that was sent to existing clients and companies that were operating in Africa.
  • Schlumberger Avocet Brochure

    This brochure outlined the range and abilities Schlumberger’s new Avocet software could perform. It’s a software that ties together the communications of multiple steps in the production process. A fold out illustration on the inside displays key features.