• GDC Miocene Ad

    GDC needed to demonstrate the superior clarity of their seismic interpretations to companies with leases or pending leases on the Miocene shelf. With their high-quality readout next to the industry standard, this ad demonstrates that.
  • Schlumberger Ad Series

    Magazine ad for Schlumberger, discussing their steerable PDC bits. This ad was part of a larger campaign and was designed within the branding standards set by Schlumberger at the time the ad was produced.
  • IISG Ad

    This ad was first in a series of ads announcing the new capabilities and expansion of IISG. The image displayed a “larger than life” tool box, to communicate the large number of services and new abilities the company had acquired.
  • Comfort Systems Ad

    Comfort Systems USA reached out to potential partners with this ad in HVAC trade magazines.