Enventure Email Marketing Campaign Development

Enventure E-newsletter

Oil and gas services provider Enventure Global Technology partnered with Communication Evolved to create and build its email marketing program.

Email Marketing Campaign Development

Working with Enventure, Communication Evolved's team:

  • Evaluated Enventure's current and future plans for email marketing and determined the email service that was best for their needs. Industry leading ExactTarget was chosen for its advanced metrics and integration with leading customer relationship management (CRM) softwares.
  • Configured ExactTarget to Enventure's needs.
  • Worked with the Marketing and Sales team to conduct a "permissions" mailing where the company's contacts were personally asked to "opt-in". The opt-in rate was well over 45%. Customers appreciated the courtesy of being asked. This meant clients were happy about getting emails and ensure almost no one would opt out later on.
  • Teamed with Enventure to identify the segments and type of content the email program would manage.
  • Designed templates that looked good in various email clients, reinforced Enventure's brand and graphically enhanced the type of information being presented.
  • Ensured that all other forms of electronic information collection allowed visitors to easily opt-in to Enventure's mailing program.
  • Provided training for Enventure to send their emails and also ongoing consultation for each message to maximize open rates and click-throughs.


Email Marketing Results

Enventure enjoys a successful mailing campaign with open rates above industry averages for business to business (B2B) marketing. This is a credit to Enventure's marketing team knowing their market and to Communication Evolved having a solid understanding of cutting edge email marketing technology.